Relish Jar Candle - Meyer Lemon - 3oz.

Relish Jar Candle - Meyer Lemon - 3oz.

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The faceted yellow glass jar glows as the candle burns down - with a screw on lid like the old Mason jars.  Made in the USA with clean burning & bee friendly soy wax.

Top Notes: Morning Dew, Tangerine Zest, Meyer Lemon Leaves
Middle Notes: Strawberry Vines, Watermint, Honeydew Melon
Base Notes: Sugar Crystals, Geranium, Golden Saffron Threads

We love Paddywax candles because they are so clean & true scented - as in, they don't smell artificial (because they're not!) or chemicallly or fake.  These are true essential oil scents, masterfully blended.  Never overpowering or weird.  

Please be safe when using any candle!  We like to just plop the lid back on it to snuff it out when done, avoiding that blown out candle smell - but, yeah, sometimes you just want that blown out candle smell, too!  

3 oz.