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Colby Davis of Boston Co. was founded in 2014 with a goal of creating a meaningful, timeless jewelry collection that could be passed down through generations. Inspired by the New England coast and the love of Boston, they continue to design a unique sterling silver and glass enamel line of jewelry. 

Each pendant is engraved with meaningful words on the reverse that bring beauty, strength and courage into the lives of many. Whether given as gifts or purchased to treat yourself, Colby Davis pendants are a beautiful reminder of graduations, weddings, and memories by the sea. 

The handmade quality and craftsmanship is extremely important. From the hand engraving and enameling process to the sterling silver chains and 18K embellishments, it is all made in America. Colby Davis is committed to providing jobs within the United States and supporting other small businesses with headquarters in Boston

Everyday they continue to grow the company into a lifestyle brand of classic elegance, timelessness and quality.

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