Ride The Wave Charm Bracelet
Ride The Wave Charm Bracelet

Ride The Wave Charm Bracelet

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Kick up your feet, relax and let the good vibes soak in! Let this charm be your reminder of sunshine, bliss and happiness. Though our footprints may fade the memories we make will last forever.

- Each beaded charm bracelet is accented with two Pyrite stones worn to bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer.

- Sterling silver charm

Don't see the charm or stone you were looking for? Call us 508-430-4410 or stop by as we have a wide selection in store!!

Amazonite -
A soothing stone. Worn to help heal ones emotions.
Amethyst - A calming stone. Worn to relieve stress and anxiety>
Arctic Apatite -
The stone of courage and creativity.
Blue Aquamarine
- The stone of the mystic. Worn to bring inner courage, love and peace.
Blue Agate - The stone of creativity and happiness.
Blue Quartzite - The stone of positivity and achievement.
Desert Jasper
- The stone of adventure and dreams. Worn to help guide you along your path.
Green Angelite - The stone of Angels and love.
Indigo Tiger's Eye -
The stone of fearlessness and strength.
Lake Blue Tiger's Eye
- The peaceful feeling stone, promotes calming and soothing. 
Mauve Jade - The stone of friendship and creativity.
Moonstone -
The stone of healing and luck.
- The stone of self-control and commitment. Worn to dissolve negativity.
Peruvian Amazonite - A soothing stone. Worn to help heal ones emotions.
Pink Jasper - The stone of empowerment and courage.
Rose Quartz - The stone of love and healing.
Sage Amethyst Agate -
The stone of renewal and rejuvenation.
Silver Steel
- One of the strongest metals on Earth, stainless steel is worn to symbolize power and strength.
Storm Agate - The stone of peace and worn to enhance relaxation.
Sunstone - The stone of light. Worn to attract positivity and joy.
Terahertz - The stone of positive energy and healing.
Turquoise Jasper - The stone of friendship, creativity and encouragement.
Watermelon Quartz - The stone of healing and new beginnings.
White Chalcedony - The stone of harmony and balance.
White Pearl -
The Gem of the sea. Known to symbolize new beginnings, prosperity, love and inner beauty.