Oyster Bag - The Clutch - Orange Handle

Oyster Bag - The Clutch - Orange Handle

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The Clutch is designed to be your go to for carrying important must-haves whenever you leave the house.  Made from the same material as our Oyster Bags and just as durable.  Size approximately 12 x 6 x 1.5 inches.

Bags are handmade to order.

We wanted to make a bag that could withstand the conditions we face on the Oyster Farm everyday. Turns out the answer was right in front of us the whole time. We've taken the gear we grow our cute little bivalves in and created a multi-purpose handbag for the working woman with a hectic lifestyle. 

Oyster mesh is used to make our Oyster Bags, which is manufactured from high density polyethylene. The oyster mesh bag is mainly used to breed the oysters and can supply a safe growth environment for the oysters. Oyster mesh can be used in the seashore, undersea and sea surface.

  • Material: High density polyethylene.
  • Mesh size:  6mm & 9mm
  • Mesh type:  Square 
  • Bag edge: Zip Tie
  • Edge treatment: Sealed