Maine Fishing Rope Rugs

Maine Fishing Rope Rugs

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Over the past decade Maine Rope Rugs has created thousands and thousands of hand-woven rope rugs using fishing rope designed for the rugged and relentless seas.  With a new found purpose their mats have cleaned dirt, mud, snow and sand from millions of feet across the country and planet.

These door mats can handle it all, the seasons, elements, the children, the pets. They're built to last and practically scare mud off your boats, effortlessly simple to hose off, back to new.

  • Handmade in Maine
  • 18" x 30"
  • Will not rot or mildew or fade
  • Great resistance to wear
  • Easy cleaning with a hose
  • Reversible
  • Insect-resistant

Stop by or call to see what we have in stock, the picture shows some of the color options.