Flip Flops Charm Bracelet
Flip Flops Charm Bracelet

Flip Flops Charm Bracelet

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Don’t be afraid of the adventure ahead of you, clear your mind & let your soul be free. Let this charm be your reminder to get out there, chase your passion and Ride that Wave.

- Each beaded charm bracelet is accented with two Pyrite stones worn to bring good luck and good fortune to the wearer.

- Sterling silver charm

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Amazonite -
A soothing stone. Worn to help heal ones emotions.
Amethyst - A calming stone. Worn to relieve stress and anxiety>
Arctic Apatite -
The stone of courage and creativity.
Blue Aquamarine
- The stone of the mystic. Worn to bring inner courage, love and peace.
Blue Agate - The stone of creativity and happiness.
Blue Quartzite - The stone of positivity and achievement.
Desert Jasper
- The stone of adventure and dreams. Worn to help guide you along your path.
Green Angelite - The stone of Angels and love.
Indigo Tiger's Eye -
The stone of fearlessness and strength.
Lake Blue Tiger's Eye
- The peaceful feeling stone, promotes calming and soothing. 
Mauve Jade - The stone of friendship and creativity.
Moonstone -
The stone of healing and luck.
- The stone of self-control and commitment. Worn to dissolve negativity.
Peruvian Amazonite - A soothing stone. Worn to help heal ones emotions.
Pink Jasper - The stone of empowerment and courage.
Rose Quartz - The stone of love and healing.
Sage Amethyst Agate -
The stone of renewal and rejuvenation.
Silver Steel
- One of the strongest metals on Earth, stainless steel is worn to symbolize power and strength.
Storm Agate - The stone of peace and worn to enhance relaxation.
Sunstone - The stone of light. Worn to attract positivity and joy.
Terahertz - The stone of positive energy and healing.
Turquoise Jasper - The stone of friendship, creativity and encouragement.
Watermelon Quartz - The stone of healing and new beginnings.
White Chalcedony - The stone of harmony and balance.
White Pearl -
The Gem of the sea. Known to symbolize new beginnings, prosperity, love and inner beauty.